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Meet Christy and Rebecca

Two Women with passion for mental wellness founded in truths - where truth may be found

Hi friends and soon to be new friends. I love to spend my time speaking to various audiances across the country, visiting with family and friends, making new friend, and reading good books. For me life is all about the connections along the way. I am that person seated next to you on the airplane who hope you will take your airbus out so we can have a conversation and I can make a new friend. I love to be in nature. I grew up as a miner daughter so the backwoods are my hometown. I am also that person who loves all those conversation people say we are not suppose to talk about. After all those are what shapes our lives. I believe we can learn from each other - regardless of our difference if we listen with our hears and seek understanding with her heads. I am so excited about this pod case and all the amazing guests you are going to meet.

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Rebecca Hoffman is a graduate student studying to become a marriage and family therapist with a specialization in trauma informed systemic therapy. She has a blended family that includes 11 children, five daughter-in-laws, and 15 grandchildren. Rebecca has experienced things such as the burying of a child, abuse, divorce, health issues, and abandonment. It is her spirituality and therapy work that has allowed her to heal and help others. She enjoys family time, public speaking, writing, and reading. Rebecca is an avid lifelong learner. I'm a paragraph.

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